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weight loss pt. 2

Since I last posted (late March), I've lost less than two pounds a week, only breaking three hundred pounds this morning. My body seems to have almost fully adjusted to roughly three thousand kcal every two days, which is pretty absurd at three hundred pounds, and I'm wondering what else I need to do. Some options are exercise, carefully eating less on days I eat, and arranging eat days to get fewer of them. Of course, the first two of those defeat part of the point of the diet I'm on, which is to be able to pay as little attention to the diet as possible, since the more choices I give myself, the more likely it is I'll choose in a way I'll regret later.

So, right now the plan is to continue doing what I'm doing until I go on vacation Memorial Day weekend, pay no attention through vacation, insofar as I'm able, and consider what to do on the other side of it. A possibility I'm considering, as a type of option three, above, is to eat on Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday, raising the number of no eat days from three and a half per week to four, on average.

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