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weight loss

So, at the last of February, a bit over three weeks ago, I posted about how great I was doing on my one-on, one-off fasting diet. My rapid loss didn't keep up even all the way to 300, but I've still been doing better than two pounds per week, which is the minimum goal. I'm currently 310. For about two weeks of that 23 days, though, I didn't lose any weight at all on average. I'm not sure how that's possible.

On no-eat days, I have less than 100 calories. I usually have gum, usually creamer, sometimes about 40ml of alcohol (from a 50ml bottle or rum, or scotch, or amaretto, or whatever; when I'm trying something new, my roommate splits it with me). On eat days, I don't try to restrict what I'm having, but I don't think I've touched 6000 calories on any eat day. Since online sources suggest that my resting metabolism should be consuming about 2500 calories a day above 300 pounds, and since I don't lay in bed all day, it seems as though I should have been losing weight each and every day, rather than plateauing around 315-317 for two weeks. One would expect that if my metabolism had shifted into a lower rate of energy use, I'd feel less energetic or even lethargic, but that hasn't been the case, either.

In any case, without any noticeable change in eating behavior, I started losing rapidly again in the last week, so I'm not really complaining. At this point, I would have to lose about a pound a day to be under 300 by the time I start sailing, weekend after next. I considered having two no-eat days in a row once or twice to try to achieve that, but haven't decided to actually do it.

I'll probably post when I drop under 300, or in a month or so, whichever comes first. :)

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