weight loss pt. 2

Since I last posted (late March), I've lost less than two pounds a week, only breaking three hundred pounds this morning. My body seems to have almost fully adjusted to roughly three thousand kcal every two days, which is pretty absurd at three hundred pounds, and I'm wondering what else I need to do. Some options are exercise, carefully eating less on days I eat, and arranging eat days to get fewer of them. Of course, the first two of those defeat part of the point of the diet I'm on, which is to be able to pay as little attention to the diet as possible, since the more choices I give myself, the more likely it is I'll choose in a way I'll regret later.

So, right now the plan is to continue doing what I'm doing until I go on vacation Memorial Day weekend, pay no attention through vacation, insofar as I'm able, and consider what to do on the other side of it. A possibility I'm considering, as a type of option three, above, is to eat on Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday, raising the number of no eat days from three and a half per week to four, on average.
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Sailing, day 1

So, first sailing lessons today (at a marina close to my house, so I even got to sleep in). Basically, everything went perfectly for me: didn't fall in the water; no WTF moments; got in quite a lot of actual sailing around in the afternoon.

A guy I was on the boat with did fall in the water, arguably through my inaction. We were rolling the sail at about 3:30 (class was 10am to 4pm), and the boom started to swing, and if I'd noticed what was about to happen fast enough, I could have grabbed it. Ah, well. I guess he learned my lesson.
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weight loss

So, at the last of February, a bit over three weeks ago, I posted about how great I was doing on my one-on, one-off fasting diet. My rapid loss didn't keep up even all the way to 300, but I've still been doing better than two pounds per week, which is the minimum goal. I'm currently 310. For about two weeks of that 23 days, though, I didn't lose any weight at all on average. I'm not sure how that's possible.

On no-eat days, I have less than 100 calories. I usually have gum, usually creamer, sometimes about 40ml of alcohol (from a 50ml bottle or rum, or scotch, or amaretto, or whatever; when I'm trying something new, my roommate splits it with me). On eat days, I don't try to restrict what I'm having, but I don't think I've touched 6000 calories on any eat day. Since online sources suggest that my resting metabolism should be consuming about 2500 calories a day above 300 pounds, and since I don't lay in bed all day, it seems as though I should have been losing weight each and every day, rather than plateauing around 315-317 for two weeks. One would expect that if my metabolism had shifted into a lower rate of energy use, I'd feel less energetic or even lethargic, but that hasn't been the case, either.

In any case, without any noticeable change in eating behavior, I started losing rapidly again in the last week, so I'm not really complaining. At this point, I would have to lose about a pound a day to be under 300 by the time I start sailing, weekend after next. I considered having two no-eat days in a row once or twice to try to achieve that, but haven't decided to actually do it.

I'll probably post when I drop under 300, or in a month or so, whichever comes first. :)
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(no subject)

So, not being an experienced drinker, I got some little courtesy-sized bottles of whiskey to try last weekend. I had one a day starting Saturday.

  • Dewar's White Label (blend)

     Lowest quality Dewar's, apparently. Seemed okay; not tasty, but not bad. Went pretty well with Cherry Dr. Pepper. I didn't try any of the others with anything but water.

  • Johnnie Walker Red Label (blend)

     Paint thinner. Drinkable, but only with water.

  • The Macallan (12 year single malt)

      I've heard people say some whiskeys were "smooth", and I'm glad I had some others first to calibrate what "not smooth" is like. Good tasting, too. Expensive, but I guess there's a reason for that. Could be that it tastes better because it's not a blend? I have one other single malt (Glenlivet) which I will try later.

  • Glenlivet (12 year single malt)

     Nope, The Macallan's goodness was not due to being a single malt, or, at least, this one tastes more like the blends. This was about the same level with Dewar's White Label.

  • Crown Royal (blend)

     Not as bad as JW Red, but not great. Ordinary, in this group.

  • Johnnie Walker Black Label

     This one I really expected to be just like the Red Label, since I read that it's just the same thing aged longer. However, it turned out to be the second best of the bunch, after The Macallan. Still not really close to that one, but I'd buy it again.

This weekend, I'll visit the ABC shop again and pick up some other things to try. I may even blog about them (but probably only this much; don't get your hopes up).

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Rare Update

I haven't posted here, much. That's probably not going to change, in the long run. However, I guess I'll write a little about how things are right now, and where things are going.

I have a pretty good, pretty stable job, such that I'm not worried about rent and food for the next few years, absent catastrophe.

After saying, "I need to lose weight, sometime soon" since around 30, I'm finally getting on a sustainable plan for that. I've tried (briefly, at least) a bunch of different things, looking for that magical diet on which I'll lose weight without requiring any willpower. I was Atkinsy for a while 8-10 years ago, and tried low-calorie dieting after that from time to time. None of that was especially helpful for me, though all of it produced serious cravings for stuff I couldn't have on the diet. I'm pretty dysfunctional diet-wise anyway, and rarely wait until I get hungry to eat. Most of the time I *want* to eat, but am not physically hungry.

My latest approach is to try intermittent fasting: eat every other day. On "eat" days, I eat whatever I want. On "no eat" days, I don't eat, except a few very low calorie things like gum (3.5 calories per stick) and creamer (10 calories per serving), of which I have four a day on work days, typically. The long-term plan is to do this indefinitely, since eating less is so difficult for me, but not eating at all isn't difficult at all. On this plan, it seems doable to lose two pounds a week for the next year and a half. Since I started this at 336 pounds, this will put me at 180 pounds, if I can sustain it. It's not clear to me if that will continue to work when I'm around or under 200 pounds, but we'll see. Quite possibly I'll level off naturally somewhere around there.

Early results are promising enough to make me excited about continuing, though I'm under no illusion that it will keep up. I was, as I mentioned above, 336 pounds on the 15th of February, 2010. On the 16th, I decided to do this IF thing (having not eaten anything before lunch that day, I made the decision while going to lunch, and then skipped lunch as that became my first no eat day). Yesterday morning, I was 319 pounds. Again, I don't think that the pace of more than one pound a day will keep up, but it sure is nice to see. Even if it doesn't, I may be under 300 pounds by the time I take my first sailing lessons in April.
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(no subject)

I cannot recommend safeway.com.

"Maybe you should drive around to the back, where there's no hill or stairs."

"No, no, I'm here, now; I'll just come down this hill with the cart."

"Oh, ----! [...] Sorry about that."

I ended up rejecting about a third of a $200 food order for being crushed, seriously dented, or broken. Oddly, the eggs came through the experience okay. Also, like Peapod, these guys apparently just grab whatever veggies are on top rather than selecting anything like the ones I'd get. Ah, well.
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Attn: prospective cable thieves

If you're going to try to get cable for free, please use a splitter rather than just disconnecting mine. First, it's not very useful to disconnect mine, since I'll call the cable company to come and investigate. Second, you're actually taking *away* my signal so you can have signal. I don't mind sharing (Hello, all you using my free wireless), but I really do mind theft. Get it right.
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Oh, no! Someone's *wrong* at a convention!

So, last night I was in the audience for a panel on the "Generation Gap" in SF at CapClave. One of the offerings for why SF as a genre has an aging population was that, after all, there were a whole lot of changes in the 1890-1950 timeframe, but virtually none in the 1950-present range...

Leaving aside the overall merit (or lack thereof) of that argument, I was struck by something as the arguments flew around the room: one major change from just 15 years ago is that due to the wide availability of search engines and other online information it reflects much more poorly on people when they're wrong on easily checkable facts, now. I think I heard "But you can just look it up!" or some fragment of it several times in a single hour panel, and I noticed that people who said that (with one major exception, whose name I didn't catch) didn't keep arguing -- they just sat and looked disgruntled after that. Clearly they felt that they'd *won* their argument, and didn't really get why the conversation hadn't moved on.
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